The national integrated circuit industry development to promote outline

Column:Industry news Time:2017-01-11

       On June 24th, 2014, the state council issued the national integrated circuit industry development promote the outline, hereinafter referred to as the outline. The "outline" than in the past emphasized the enterprise and the important function of cross-strait cooperation. But the execution time and integrated strategy in the future remains to be clear.


       Throughout the issue of the outline, the biggest bright spot is a national integrated circuit industry development leading group, to strengthen the top-level design, to coordinate all resources. Although this is not the first time that the national leading group set up integrated circuit industry, but it is the first time in China's integrated circuit industry have all competition basis, local countries set up a leading group with international competitiveness. Is of far-reaching significance.


      Three major initiative highlights enterprise into the main body


    Compared with the previous file, the guidelines in the three "first point". First is the first emphasis on enterprises in the core position and key function in the industry, the role of the enterprise is first on the first. "Outline" as mentioned in the present situation and the situation "stimulate the enterprise vitality and creativity; Put forward in the guiding ideology of the principal position of "outstanding enterprise"; Basic principles mentioned in "the strengthened enterprise technology innovation main body status"; Safeguard measures mentioned in "the strengthened enterprise innovation ability construction". Each chapter are emphasized the dominant position and key function of the enterprise.


      Some ways, this is the biggest highlights of the guidelines. Once upon a time, we have the requests of the development of the integrated circuit industry "blank" technology has been the breakthrough; "International" patent application; "Academic" articles published. As if he had been as soon as reply, patent ", this paper, we integrated circuit industry can as advertised "filled the country blank, to break the foreign monopoly". But why do so many years, in the "technology" to do higher, "patent", "post" to "more and more increasingly the more, the country's integrated circuit industry and the international leading level distance was widening.


     It is well known that integrated circuit is an international competition of the high-tech industry, to the development of integrated circuit industry, we must abide by the law of industry, the enterprise is the main part of the industry innovation and implementation. Can scale, production, profit, and sustainable development of enterprises is the core of the integrated circuit industry competition. Around the world, this is not the law of the two. The outline for the first time, the status of the enterprise in the industry in the first place, this is definitely a historic breakthrough. Industry, as could be expected in each link of competitive enterprises, the leading enterprises will certainly benefit a lot.


     Second is the first time put forward "play a role of cross-strait economic cooperation mechanism, and encourage cross-strait cooperation in the integrated circuit enterprises to strengthen technology and industry. Cross-strait cooperation in the semiconductor industry is a sensitive and heavy topic. In many areas across the Taiwan straits have good relations of cooperation, interaction but always seems to be in the field of semiconductor" never co-existed. Investigate its reason, much of Europe and the United States occupied the high-end market of the semiconductor, on both sides of the company are as following, mostly in the same products, the same market, compete in the competition strategy level of the same, which makes relevant enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan "particularly jealous," how about "two feelings mutually yue". Actually introduced chinas Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing, mediatek, such as a batch of outstanding company, its successful experience is worth learning mainland industry.


    At the same time, China now has more than half of the world's IC market, there is a market for the thickness of the breadth and talent. Taiwan and China has the world's first generation of labor and packaging, the design of the world's second, with industry of hardness and the height of the technology. The all-round cooperation between the four "c", it is the integral dimension, can rise to form a more comprehensive and powerful new pattern of the Chinese IC industry.


    The last is the first time proposed national industrial investment fund to support the integrated circuit industry. Set up a national industrial investment funds, and emphasizes the play a role of financial, through the capital to promote industrial development is the nods eyeball pen of the outline. The country's integrated circuit industry to realize cross, industry must carry on the close cooperation and capital, through integration of mergers and acquisitions become bigger and stronger, and international advanced technology, through the international mergers and acquisitions to enter the international industry alliance. And the establishment of the funds at this time for the industry is "the long drought proved".


    Design and manufacturing time is not desirable separation point to be clear


    Although the outline of the bright spots, but also unavoidably exist disappoint industry. First of all, there is no clear the timing of the path and implement security measures.


    Once upon a time, the state issued including "18" and "4" heavy support the policy of the integrated circuit industry, however, behind the implementation of the path and the details are "jun but asked not to return the next release". Haven't policy led to a file to feed enterprises by the "mei" thirst to look at "not" of thirst.


    The second is too much emphasis on the relationship between design and manufacturing division design and manufacture of the "two sides of the coin", adverse to the industry. As is known to all, manufacturing is in China's integrated circuit industry, design is the industry forward. Football said "offense is the best form of defence," said "defense wins titles" in basketball. What light row?


    Inside the guidelines emphasize a "design, manufacturing as the foundation", "focus on the development of IC design industry, accelerate the development of integrated circuit manufacturing". The separate design and manufacture of the wording of the affects only the two relations. Manufacturing is China's semiconductor defensive shield, design is China's semiconductor the spear attack, only one can proving inconclusive. As the important component part of semiconductor, they all have important significance to the development of industry.


    In a sense, the integrated circuit industry in China do not good, because of China's manufacturing and design combined with close enough. And for the Chinese industry, when Manufacture is combined with the Design, is the real MadeinChina.


    More looking forward to taking action


    In addition to the innovation of the outline and disappointed, for the future of the outline, the industry also exist how much hope.


    First hope national integrated circuit industry development leading group set up as soon as possible, and introduce more professional power, attract more power from enterprises and industries. Enterprise in market competition must play a more important role, also from industry power should also be in the integrated circuit industry group play a more important role.


    Establishment of the second fund and integration of mergers and acquisitions will be more professional, more rational. Can neither to fund and fund, nor to mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. And should be according to the enterprise, especially the development of leading enterprise planning and management ability, with the development of enterprises and mergers and acquisitions. Rely on the power of the enterprise, relying on industry, large capital and new industry closely.


    Third as enterprise is the main part of the industry development, also only big action, to become bigger and stronger. Hope this time the outline, the fund and policy can make do with international competitiveness, market competitiveness and ability to industrialization leading enterprise benefit.


    Admittedly, there are a lot of detailed rules for implementation, there are many process to go, but the new "outline" undoubtedly points the way for China's integrated circuit industry development and direction.