The 2014 integrated circuit industry

Column:Industry news Time:2017-01-11

The global IC industry presents from developed regions to transfer trend of developing regions. Mainland China's integrated circuit industry after more than ten years of accumulation, and relying on the national policy support, growth rate is far higher than the global average, has now begun to take shape, the birth of haisi, spreadtrum, smic, long telegram technology (600584, shares) and other international well-known enterprises. Gain mobile intelligent terminal rapid popularization, the mainland and huge consumer market, mainland IC industry in China has gradually formed a \"consumer market - > terminal brands to chip design, wafer manufacturing and packaging test\" demand structure, the industrial chain each link to promote each other, common development. In a new round of national support policy guidance, China's IC industry will maintain rapid growth, driven by cheap Labour to research and development design, driver development path transition from low to high end.


\"Mobile\" to those who live in the world. From a global perspective, the PC industry has been entering recession from mature, the growth of the integrated circuit industry source changes, has mainly from downstream of the mobile intelligent terminal pull effect. Design, manufacturing to packaging test DengZi of the fastest growing companies in the industry are focused on the mobile terminal products, is expected in the next few years the trend will continue, and emerging markets is given priority to with mid-range products will be rapid growth.


Design industry become the main driver of China's integrated circuit industry development. IC industry in mainland China in each industry, labor-intensive industry started the earliest, sealing test drive the early industrial transfer, is the source power for the development of IC industry in China in the past. Outstanding design enterprise in China in recent years, rapid growth, from the mainland design took orders smic, long telegram manufacturing testing companies such as science and technology more and more high, the proportion of the industrial chain into the design drive a new stage of development.


Mainland mass market and the rise of the domestic terminal manufacturers is strong in the development of China's integrated circuit industry long-term security. 2013 integrated circuit product sales in mainland China, which accounts for more than a third of the world has been gradually formed the \"mainland consumer market - China terminal brands - the chip design - China wafer manufacturing, the packaging test\" that industrial demand structure. Downstream domestic terminal brands such as the cool unite, rapid rise in the era of mobile terminals such as millet, 2013 smartphone makers in China shipments has accounted for more than 20% in the whole world is on the rise, will directly pull the domestic IC industry from design to testing industry rise across the board.


A new round of government support policy is expected to grow for the integrated circuit industry \"wings\". \"863 project\", \"national 02 major projects\", etc in view of the integrated circuit industry supporting policy by government provides a strong support for the outstanding enterprises in our country. We expect that the upcoming release of a new round of policy support from the power of the size of mechanism design will be better than the past, we determine policy will mainly focus on strengthening form a long-term mechanism of the central and local governments organize, solve the problem of the integrated circuit industry investment and financing bottleneck, obeys the law of industry development of ecological environment, strengthen the degree of opening to the outside world, etc; Policy focus will be on integrated circuit manufacturing (mainly chips) as the center, by means of industry fund, realize the whole industrial chain.


The latest development of national integrated circuit supporting policies


From last September for the first time revealed that countries could launch an unprecedented support policy for integrated circuits has been the past half year, progress can't say no, but from the real implementation is still far away.


The greatest progress is in January this year under the state council has approved the integrated circuit industry support policy outline, as a new government foster the key areas have been identified.


Reportedly miit rules concerning fostering policy has been completed, the next two months can be released at any time, some involved in the company or experts should have seen the draft, but the ministry to foster policy planning only bolster field, specific measures now still in the planning.


One certainty is the latest to foster policy will give priority to with equity funds, the government will set up special equity funds, through the way of investment, joint venture for the integrated circuit industry, an injection of new funds, of course, before the project funds still exist, and the government also must be bigger.


After Beijing issued 30 billion yuan of the integrated circuit industry fund, Shanghai, jiangsu, shenzhen will also be issued billions industry fund, led by the government, absorb the social capital. National equity investment fund estimated using the same way, might be entrusted to a state investment agency, or the creation of a new investment fund.


But I get a message is an expert in investment fund may absorb more as a judge, although the government has been the expert evaluation, project examination and approval before said objective effect is not good, many of them quite a long way from industry experts and professors, itself is engaged in the research to the international front, also the project expert evaluation system is easy to become a hotbed of corruption, as equity funds if still with expert evaluation is given priority to, more difficult to ensure the government's investment receive maximum benefit, suggested that state investment fund to introduce more entrepreneurs as a review, even the introduction of international investors, guarantee funds flow to those who really can enhance the level of national integrated circuit.


With the upcoming national integrated circuit industry supporting fund, the mainland has come, the integration of the integrated circuit industry boom thunis after has acquired Shanghai spreadtrum, acquisition of RDA, though blocked, believe the future merger of the two companies hope is bigger, datang telecom (600198, shares) is restructuring core and micro and form a joint venture with NXP datang datang semiconductor design co., LTD., datang semiconductor revenue more than $2.3 billion in 2013, also said to CEC in the integration of the group of integrated circuit design company, pudong branch cast have sent Shanghai: private invitation, can want to see in the next few years the mainland appear revenue in excess of $500 million and a number of integrated circuit design company.


Mainland IC design in the past more than ten years development soon, but now is a bottleneck of development, although already or soon listed companies more than 10, but most of the public is in trouble, reflect the $one hundred million in revenue for the majority of mainland companies is a can't cross the threshold, integration of m&a can increase revenue though, but can't really improve level, although so far have been spreadtrum, haisi annual revenue of more than $1 billion, in fact, reached the international leading $5 billion is still far away.


Integrated circuit encounters the bottleneck of mainland mainly reflected in the capital, patents and talent, as a new rising industry, integrated circuit extremely lack of high-end talent, not only haven't eaten pork even have never seen a pig run, set up a branch abroad or directly to absorb talents is the only way out, and the patent is out of the mainland IC industry internationalization and the main barrier to become bigger and stronger, in recent years the mainland patent litigation in the IC design enterprises face more and more, improve the level of their own, to go out to adapt to the international rules, participate in the development of international standards is inevitable way.


Patents, the plight of talent need to be solved step by step, the fund predicament should be the main problem is the integrated circuit industry, this is also the national integrated circuit supporting policies introduced, but doesn't have the talent, management, protect the patent, more money is not enough to ensure the promotion of China's integrated circuit industry, so the effective implementation of the national support policy is one of the biggest determinants, and evaluation expert system could be one of the biggest risks, hope that concerned departments.