One. Sales Director


1  computers, electronics, automation class professional college  education, more than five years of marketing experience, familiar with  IC industry, market and
product introduction route.

2 . Leading sales  and technical support teams to realize the amount of chips in the  import and production of end products , and to collect information  relevant to
customer needs , assist in developing the company's products  strategy

3 Create , improve and lead the sales team to achieve company sales target .

4  customers have strong development capability and customer management  experience ; . Market sensitive information , forward- thinking ,  intelligence collection,
analysis and strong ability to judge ;

5 .  Able to work under pressure , hardworking, able to travel , have a good  team spirit. Enhance the company's sales performance and enhance product  promotion
efforts ;

6 have a good strategic sense , with a wealth of global business development , work experience and branding ;

7 . Better negotiation , organization, coordination , communication skills, able to work under pressure.

Two . IC Sales Engineer


1 , tertiary and higher education , electronics and related majors . , There are chips dealer sales experience preferred.

2  , English proficiency , can read independent product specifications for  the industry has a strong interest and confidence. 3 , more than two  years of sales
experience in related industry , familiar with the  product promotion and
negotiation skills , familiar with business  processes, customer experience with independent developers can work  independently. 4 , serious, active, high sense
of responsibility , a  good work ethic and good team spirit .
5, with independent analysis and  problem-solving skills . 6 , is responsible for liaison and coordination  relationships with customers . 7 , cheerful, healthy,
honest and  reliable , strong communication skills , practical work hard , have a  good team spirit.

Three. Hardware engineers (Hardware Engineer)


1,  the familiar electronic products market, can buy the hardware devices,  and can be reasonably configuration, installation of electronic  equipment and
peripheral devices ;

2 , familiar with circuit testing  and debugging, there are more than 2 years experience in electronics  hardware design , understand the circuit PCB Layout,
will use PowerPCB  or ORCAD, Protel99 other circuits drawing software ;

3 , there is a  certain electronic product development capability ( required to provide  product information of the case in the past successfully developed a  
personal interview ) ;

4 , strong hands , hobby electronic professional spirit, strong communication skills .

5 , college education, electronics and related classes professional background, there is a certain bidding work experience;

6 , engaged in microcontroller and embedded systems, teaching instrument development priorities .

Four . IC Test Engineer


Mainly responsible for the production of security and quality of finished IC analysis

1  , is responsible for the daily IC finished debugging , for testing and  maintenance to ensure completion of the final test tasks ;

2 , responsible for testing new varieties introduced into the IC ;

3 , production, commissioning new test modules to ensure capacity expansion needs ;

4,  responsible for IC test pass rate of abnormalities found in the quality  of analysis , and the relevant departments and units of the Association  of
feedback , tracking feedback results ;

5 , to provide technical support department tested product testing and do routine maintenance work and exceptions excluded .

Job requirements:

1 have a good professional accomplishment , ability with electronic technology, there is the spirit of self-study and study ;

2 . Electronic related professional , college education , a good number of power -mode theoretical knowledge base

3 proficiency in the use of object-oriented (VB or VC) and assembly language programming

4 master programmable logic devices or PCB design tools is a plus

5  have good communication skills and teamwork , requiring more than two  years of practical work experience in IC testing workshop


Five. R & D engineers


1 , is responsible for the development of university teaching instrument ;

2  , technical support organizations , suppliers to provide technical  support to resolve the problems in the implementation process ;

3 ,  according to the company 's development direction of research and  development to develop annual, quarterly , monthly and efficient  implementation of
the development plan ;


A junior college degree or above, electrical and electronic and other related majors ;

2 , there is a strong decision-making skills , interpersonal communication skills , technical and implementation capacity ;

3 , has more than two years of work experience in college teaching instrument development


Six. Sales Engineer


1 , electrical and electronics graduate ;

2 , sincere and generous man , a better affinity and strong in compression ;

3  , better interpersonal communication skills , excellent learning  ability and judgment , rational tone is strong, full of team spirit ;

4 , can be hard ;


Seven. Technical Director


A  comprehensive grasp of the company's products and related technical  knowledge, learning to track developments in the industry , leading the  company's
technology team ;

2 , according to customer needs, develop  and write technical solutions , project implementation plan , project  proposals , etc. ;

3 , tracking the early implementation of the  project , implementation and follow-up service, responsible for planning  and coordinating the project ;

4 , responsible for the company 's  technical direction, planning and logistics to implement technology to  provide comprehensive technical support for the
development of the  company's business ;

5 , good at learning, others sincere , responsible, strong interpersonal and communication skills ;


1,  requires male , undergraduate education , and more than five years of  relevant work experience , engaged in teaching college Electric  equipment development
and promotion of related work ;

2 , electrical  and electronic professional background, familiar with electronic product  development process , and the whole industrial experience, project  
technical sales experience and should be marked ;

3 , familiar with circuit testing and debugging, debugging electronic hardware design experience ;

4  , there is a wealth of project experience , can be responsible for  project sales operations , including the organization , schedule control  , customer
contact and follow-up support ; 5, with experience in  systems integration projects and project
technical support capabilities ,  efficient customer requirements according to pre- make implementation  of the deployment and solutions ;

6 , strong sense of responsibility , a good work ethic and moral qualities , good communication skills and teamwork ;


Eight . IC testers


1 , job duties is responsible for testing chips and circuits ;

2 , healthy , no bad habits , able to adapt to shift work ;

3 , college education, electronics professional plus , there are some good electronics factory work experience ;

4 , serious , careful, responsibility and strong.

5 , aged 18 - 30 years between .



Company  employees to provide a good working environment , improve benefits,  diversity training mechanism, so that employees can grow with
the  simultaneous development of enterprises . The company is in the  formative years, growing business , invite you waiting for, create a  
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